Links for 11/27-12/03

  1. Are there anymore industry secrets in the tech world when most change jobs every four years?
  2. Another influential Twitter anon gets doxxed. But I guess Forbes does not count it as doxxing because "revealing the name behind an anonymous account of public note is not “doxxing,” which is an often-gendered form of online harassment that reveals private information — like an address or phone number — about a person without consent and with malicious intent. Okay, Emily Baker White. At least it lends credibility to the e/acc movement.
  3. In-depth article about the Microsoft-OpenAI partnership, and the details behind what happened over the weekend the board ousted Altman.
  4. Hardware still constrains software. OpenAI signs letter of intent to invest $51 million in AI-chip startup Rain.
  5. Google uses AI to find 2.2 million new inorganic crystals, of which 380,000 are stable and likely to work.
  6. So much at an Amazon warehouse is automated.
  7. Does GPT-4 think better in JS?
  8. Pete always says that GMU students should be like the short but good basketball players. Compensating differentials everywhere.
  9. Increase in regulations in the 1900s because the judicial court stopped blocking rent-seeking entrepreneurship policies after 1937, like the minimum wage.
  10. China's anti-corruption campaign reduced the bodyweight of public sector employees. Squeezing every drop out of your data when it doesn't talk?
  11. Do women bear a disproportionate burden of adult caregiving?
  12. Time to specialize in a male-dominated econ field. Women in male-dominated fields have a 56% chane of placing into a tenure-track assistant professor position, while counterparts in female-dominated fields only have a 44% rate. Selection definitely plays a role here, even though the authors control for it to the best of their ability.
  13. Why did top-down institutions stick after the Napoleonic invasion?
  14. ChatGPT has become far lazier this week, but tipping it produces better responses. Dog treats work just as well as tips.
  15. ChatGPT knows the date of its birthday. Had to be hard-coded in right?
  16. Grade inflation is real at Harvard and Yale.
  17. Cute thread of a cat working harder.